SM-Compact Onsite Mobile Vacuum Blaster Features

The SM-Compact is a highly efficient vacuum blaster designed for the monumental masons industry but it can also be used for industrial  applications such as cleaning up surfaces. Here are a few of the features that make this a great onsite engraving system.

Continuous Abrasive Re-Fill

When you fill the pressure tank with abrasive there is no continuous re-fill required. Every time you take your finger off the run switch the smart system automatically releases the re-entry value and the re-cycle abrasive drops back into the pot. So effectively the system never runs out of abrasive meaning you don't have any dusty re-fill operations during your work.

Excellent Abrasive Separation

Like all ABRA vacuum sandblasting systems the abrasive separation is second to none. When you look into the dust bins you'll see nothing but fine dust meaning your abrasive is efficiently un-contaminated and sharp for much longer. Apart from the money savings in longer lasting abrasive you also get sharper abrasive for longer so cutting stays efficient for longer during the job.

Smart Vacuum Head

The vacuum head efficiently vacuums the spent abrasive when it hits the engraving surface and a nozzle protector inside the head keeps the abrasive shot separated from back suck of the vacuum system delivering full torque from the blast pressure.

Easy Power supply

The vacuum requires 10amp power point for operations. The vacuum blaster itself need no electricity. Whilst we officially recommend a minimum compressor power you can get away with less if you are not blasting a lot of stones.

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