CNC AutoBlaster Feature Highlights

The CNC System is packed with features that make it super efficiency beyond the blasting automation. The system is extremely well built with quality parts to ensure your production tools don't let you down. Here is some features highlighted.

Continuous Abrasive Re-Fill

When you fill the pressure tank with abrasive there is no continuous re-fill required. The Autoblaster continuously re-fills the pressure pot with returned abrasive during field changes or completion of work meaning you do not have to perform the task of emptying manually refilling the pot. Even during a long blasting field if the abrasive gets low a sensor picks this up and will stop at the end of the current path, refill and then restart. So if you are doing 5 passes to achieve a specific depth and the low abrasive level activates the sensor the CNC system will finish the current path, stop, re-fill the pot, then start the next pass without human action making it highly efficient.

Excellent Abrasive Separation

Like all ABRA vacuum sandblasting systems the abrasive separation is second to none. When you look into the dust bins you'll see nothing but fine dust meaning your abrasive is efficiently un-contaminated and sharp for much longer. Apart from the money savings in longer lasting abrasive you also get sharper abrasive for longer so cutting stays efficient for longer during the job.

Automatic Filter Cleaning System

The dust filter has an automated back blow cleaning system. When the blaster finishes a filed or job a back blow  is released onto the filter to blow of collected dust  which keeps the filter from clogging up for a long period of time and keeps the high standard of filtration effective. This means your abrasive keeps being filtered effectively and you don't have a regular and messy task of cleaning down the dust filter. There is automation throughout the CNC Dustless Auto Blaster to ensure a truly automatic system.

Smart Cube Abrasive flow Valve

The sand and air mixing system is an advanced system that regulates itself and presents the right combination of air and abrasive automatically. It does not need you to set a mix of air and sand. This is achieved by delivering the right mix based on the bar of pressure being delivered to the size of your nozzle orifice. As the nozzle wears the mix requirement changes and the Smart Cube adjusts itself giving you continuous torqued blast.

These are just some of the "smarts" the CNC Dustless Autoblaster has that makes up a brilliant efficient, effective modern day sandblasting system. Globally the ABRA CNC Dustless Autoblaster is changing the way stone masons engrave stone and is a major contributor to cleaning up industry processes.

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