Maintenance Guide for Rayzist Equipment

This article will provide you with a maintenance checklist for all of you sandblasting equipment. The two parts of your system that may need to be replaced most often are the blasting nozzle and the abrasive.

Rayzist Sandblasters

  • Check for Nozzle orifice diameter and replace as necessary
  • Check Viewing glass
    • They get frosted with time and should be replaced
  • Check door foam sealer
    • Keep the cabinet from leaking by replacing the foam sealer
  • Check the Dust Collector Bags (Hepa Filters) 
  • Wipe down the internal lights to give a brighter view
  • Check the blasting hose layout
    • Make sure it does not have hard turns to reduce ware
  • Check the Pressue Pot Screen
    • In the hopper of your sandblasting machine there is a mesh screen that prevents foriegn items getyting into your pressure pot. They wear out in time and need to be replaced. Check for holes or splits and replace if neccasary to prevent clogging the system with foriegn objects.
    • See item here
  • Pressure Pot Sealing Ring
    • Check the ring to make sure it is seated properly and not worn. When the pressure pot does not seal properly it is time to replace this part.
    • See Instructions here
    • See item here
  • Abrasive
    • Check your abrasive to see if it needs replacing. Good abrasive has the texture of a grain of salt whilst worn abrasive is more powdery and dusty. Fresh abrasive will blast much faster and produce less dust

Washout Machine

  • Washout Machine Vjet Nozzle check
    • Check for any blockages or corrosion
    • They should be replaced every two years
  • Clean up the machine surface to keep it looking great

Letralite Exposure systems

  • Wipe down the bulb and look for any dead spots in the fluro tube
    • Dead spots mean the light is on its way out and will effect exposure quality
  • Clean the cylinder with appropriate acrylic cleaner/polisher
    • They get dirty over time and this will reduce the light balance
    • All acrylic eventually loses it clearness. A new cylinder can have a big impact of quality of stencil
  • Check the starter
    • Is the bulb flickering when switching on? Might be a good idea to have a spare starter on hand.


Compressor need to be cleared of moisture to be able to provide good dry air. Moist air will dampen your abrasive and cause blockages and irregular blast performance.

  • Open Water drain at the end of each day to empty out any moisture.
  • Check the oil level on a monthly basis

Regular maintenenace will keep your equipment in good shape and help to reduce the potential of downtime when you are flat out. It will also make production as efficient as it can be.