How much does it cost to get started with Sandcarving?

Compared to other engraving systems sandcarving remains one of the cheapest and most versatile engraving systems available. For relatively low cost, sandcarving gives you the tools to engrave glass, metal, wood, ceramic, stone and acrylic. And it’s not confined to flat surfaces. You can engrave on irregular shapes easily using the world leading SR3000 photomask resist.

In this article we give you approximate pricing for different set up costs. To find out what you need for sandblasting read this article.

You will need the following products to get started:

 Item Approx. Cost Link to Item
Graphics Software $250


Printer $500

Epson Printer

Complete Masking Making Kit $1,000

Masking Making Kit

Abrasive Media $120


Compressor $600 About Compressors
Sandblasting Machine PB1924 $10,000

PB1924 System

Select what you need and Total Here


Alternative Sandblasting Machine

$13,000 PB2034VXA System


  • Prices are approximate only and may change with final quote
  • Graphics Software, Media Printers and Compressors are not sold by ProBlast. These items are sourced by you.

Sandcarving is a creative choice for engraving that produces beautiful engraving and gives you a simple to do and stunning result.