Solving Labour Hire Challenges Through Automation

In todays difficult labour market it is hard to find reliable people that have the dilligence and skills to get the job done right. Stone sandblasting is not an area with an influx of interested people, especailly becuase the work conditions can be hot, dirty and uncomfortable. As a result, stone engravers and monumental masons often encounter the challenge of finding skilled and experienced labour.

This is where the CNC AutoBlaster will help you. It provides a more comfortable working condition and it reduces the skill set down to a machine operator. Ofcourse you need your skilled stone masons but much of the work can be handled by un-skilled machine operators. Operating a CNC machine is a more attractive proposition for a prospective emplyee and the rate of pay is less thatn a hard to find skilled sandblaster.

Automation reduces skill sets required for expensive stone engraving and reduces the risk of costly damage.

Through upgrading your production methods to automated engraving you are safeguarding for future labour headaches and at the same time making your production facility a much more attractive work environment for your current team.

By reducing the need for highly skilled labour you alleviate the scaling pressures associated with the skilled labour shortage and safeguarding against over burdening you best people. It's a revolutionary change that has multiple benefits.

 AUTOB - Simple operation with consistent quality results

This state-of-the-art technology represents a paradigm shift in the world of stone sandblasting, boasting a host of features that elevate it beyond traditional sandblasting methods.

In essence, the CNC AutoBlaster provides you with a very efficient alternative to container blasting.

At its core, the automated system is driven by a simple controller which simplifies the entire sandblasting process. The simple controler allows for the quick and precise plotting of etching areas, ensuring that only the designated portions of the stone are subjected to abrasive blasting. You just mark out the areas to blast with a joy stick and pointer.

This not only reduces the overall runtime of the machine but also ensures an remarkably accurate and consistent etching outcome that is consistently even in depth every time. 

Furthermore, the CNC AutoBlast Dustless Sandblasting System significantly improves safety and working conditions as well, eliminating the need for hot enclosures and PPE clothing thanks to a quality vacuum re-claim system that runs in real-time.

Backed by a user-friendly interface and automated filter cleaning function, this dustless technology streamlines sandblasting operations, making the entire process accessible to those without specialised knowledge or sandblasting experience.

How this alleviates labour hire bottlenecks for monumental businesses

As with any revolutionary technology, it’s important to consider how this changes the labour hiring landscape.

With the CNC AutoBlast system, you're no longer limited to hiring only experienced stone-engraving sandblasters or trying to train new workers in the arduous task of manual blasting. Instead, this machine can be operated by workers who don’t need years of training; it’s so simple to use that they can essentially be unskilled or unqualified machine operators. All of a sudden, the job is more attractive than hot, sweaty work conditions.

This offers monumental business owners a much larger talent pool to choose from when it comes to hiring.

This isn't about machines replacing labour; the CNC system will still require someone to operate its functions but the manual blasting time is removed. 

Chnage skill sets over to larger machine operator pools

Instead, it's a matter of labour relocation and leaning on different skill sets to get the job done more efficiently both in terms of cost and time. Of further benefit is the fact that learning how to use this machine is rather simple, so the transition from expensive labour to a cheaper alternative will prove just as efficient.

Scaling a sandblasting and stone engraving business

The natural progression of this technology is that it can support the scaling of a sandblasting or stonemasonry business. As a company gets larger, it needs more hands-on deck, but with CNC AutoBlaster, you don't need an army of highly skilled experts. Instead, you can train more machine operators more easily and this inevitably makes growing your monumental industry business much less of a headache. 

ProBlast offers cutting-edge solutions that redefine the monumental industry and allow you to embrace a safer, more versatile approach to sandblasting. Explore our range of advanced systems, including the CNC AutoBlast Dustless Sandblasting System, designed to streamline your workflow and expand your hiring options.

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