Vent Shaft Pattern Blasting

This is 170mm diameter x 9mtr stainless steel vent shaft that has been background blasted creating a continuous Aborignal artwork by by Annette Webb, Dhungatti and Wiradjuri woman.

ProBlast SuperTack Vinyl Mask was used and worked perfectly. The vinyl was applied in sections and the patttern was lined up for each section to make a continous pattern. The SuperTack vinyl was easy to cut using a Roland Plotter and cemented carbide blade. The appliaction went smoothly with the integrity of the vinyl cut into such tiny strips held up well during the lay up.

Once the shaft had been laid up the blasting commenced and we used just under 4 bar pressure with a 6mm nozzle to do the blasting. Absolutely no blowouts happened during the entire process. It's testiment to the flexibility and durability of ProBlast's SuperTack Vinyl Mask.

Once the job was done the vinyl came off easily and left no residue making for a fast and easy clean up.