CNC AutoBlast Bridge Assembly without Sandblaster

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CNC Bridge Assembly only



The CNC AutoBlaster removes arduous labour from your sandblasting operation by automating the blasting process eliminating operator fatigue. Its Dustless blasting operation removes the need for protective clothing and enclosed booth set up. It will truly revolutionise your sandblasting operations.

Even the abrasive pot refill has been automated with no user interaction at all. During blasting when the pot runs out of abrasive the AutoBlaster stops, refills, and the then restarts blasting where it left off. Literally no down time.

During operation the filter system is automatically cleaned the abrasive level again reducing the operator's activity.

You can set up to 10 blasting zones so the AutoBlaster only operates over the specific blasting area making it highly efficient by reducing blast time and abrasive usage.

The CNC AutoBlaster does not require any special knowledge and skills from the operator. It is very quick to learn and start earning you higher profits.


  • Dustless Operation due to quality reclaim head and vacuum
  • Clean work area environment
  • Remove operator fatigue

Automatic control of entire sandblasting process

  • PLC production management
  • Job Type Programing
  • Auto start and stop
  • Fully automatic abrasive refill
  • Low abrasive sensor
  • Reports about the lack of abrasive in the sandblasting machine
  • Numerical control of Z axis allowing for sandblasting uneven surfaces
  • Plot multiple blasting fields
  • Blast mapping: Only blast the areas that need blasting
  • Multi-pass setting to control etching depth target
  • Consistent engraving depth
  • Remote service via the Internet
  • Compact and sturdy construction
  • Simple to operate
  • AutoBlaster adjust to multiple size tables
  • High manoeuvring speed, even up to 10 cm/s
  • Table size variations available