Making Stone Engraving Easier - In factory and Onsite Solutions

The monumental stone engraving industry has long been plagued by the heat and discomfort that the heavy personal protection gear adds to an already arduous manual task with dusty, dirty work conditions.

Thankfully, technology now offers a range of innovative sandblasting options that not only alleviate the heat predicament but also redefine safety standards, ensuring a cooler, safer, and more efficient sandblasting experience.

Let’s look at these stone engraving technologies to understand how they work as a revolutionary solution to beat the heat and dust.

The traditional way is becoming outdated

As you know, traditional sandblasting personal protective equipment worn within an enclosed shed makes for hot and uncomfortable work at the best of times. On a hot summer day, it can be very hot and dirty work that no one enjoys and today it’s not so easy to entice people to take up the roles required.

old style sandblast engraving is being replaced with new technology

CNC Technology can make stone engraving so much easier.

Thankfully, technology is quickly eliminating the need for this traditional and gruelling sandblasting approach - in particular the CNC AutoBlast Vacuum Sandblasting System.

CNC Automation for the Monument Engraver

This revolutionary technology removes the need for stone engraving operators to bear the burden of wearing heat-inducing protective gear. The CNC Vacuum Automatic vacuum blaster creates a cleaner, less arduous engraving process that removes the need for heavy protective suits and air delivery respirators and makes the process of stone engraving easier.

This setup vacuum’s most abrasive particles and makes a cooler and safer work environment for yourself and your team.

By removing the need for body suits and tight enclosures, stone engravers can work in cooler and more comfortable conditions making the job more appealing to a broader group of people.

For more information, visit CNC AutoBlast Vacuum Sandblasting System.

Improve Environmental Control Onsite with a Mobile Vacuum Blaster.

For those who go onsite to engrave or update headstones, you can modernise your approach with the ProBlast pressure pot mobile vacuum system which removes the need for heavy blast protection and removes the mess that cemeteries are now concerned about and cracking down on.

The SM-COMPACT Mobile Vacuum Sandblasting System is an ideal solution.

The  Mobile Vacuum Sandblasting System is the portable system with rough terrain wheels that you can take to right up to the stone to be engraved onsite and blast without the need for full body protection and dramatically reduces waist abrasive getting all over the cemetery.

The SM-COMPACT vacuum blaster has a good filtration system which separates powder and dust from good abrasive. It will pull the waist powder into the vacuum hopper and send the good abrasive back to the re-use chamber for automated re-use.

Its clever design re-fills the pressure pot each time you stop so the pot is always topped up with abrasive and ready to go meaning there is no need for consent topping up of abrasive while you are working.

For more information, visit Sandmaster Mobile Vacuum Sandblasting System.

A new era of stone engraving is here

Explore the future of onsite stone engraving efficiency and safety for the monumental industry with ProBlast.

ProBlast offers cutting-edge solutions that redefine stone engraving, allowing you to embrace a safer, more efficient approach to sandblasting.

Explore our range of advanced systems, including the CNC AutoBlast Vacuum Sandblasting System and the Sandmaster Mobile Vacuum Sandblasting System, each designed to eliminate the need for excessive and overbearing safety equipment and protocols for a cooler, more comfortable experience.

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