ProBlast Appointed Australasia Distributor for ABRA Industries

ProBlast has expanded its range of Sandblasting equipment to include the ABRA range of non-booth dustless blasting solutions including the amazing new CNC Autoblast system and portable pressure post sandblasters.

The ABRA systems meet the ProBlast quality and efficiency standards and we are proud to offer this range to Australian customers. The range is focused on large format engravers and stone engravers such as the monumental industry. The range consists of the flagship CNC Autoblast system, a portable dustless unit that can be easily moved around a factory and a couple of mobile dustless blasting solutions.


Automatically driven Intelligent Dustless Sandblasting System 

The CNC AutoBlast system has a 1200mm x 1200mm automated blasting area that produces dustless and consistent etching depth with very little operator interaction. The PLC operating controller lets you plot etching areas so that you only blast the areas that need blasting. It automatically re-fills its pressure pot as needed and then automatically starts blasting once re-filled. This system is an industry leader in automated sandblasting at affordable prices.


 In Factory Dustless Sandblasting System - Workhorse

This is the pressure pot system that comes with the CNC package but can be purchased separately. It is a highly advanced dustless sandblasting machine with a hi-end filtration system and effective dustless vacuum head. No need for a booth or blasting suit.


In Factory Portable Dustless Sandblasting System

The smaller Junior Plus system provides dustless blasting in your workshop and comes on industrial grade wheels for the flexibility of easily moving around your workshop. It provides you with a hard working reliable portable blasting solution that does not require a blasting booth or blasting suit.


Onsite Mobile Dustless Sandblasting System

At just 50 kilos and on sturdy industrial grade wheels the Sandmaster compact mobile and dustless pressure pot sandblasting unit is the ideal onsite sandblasting solution for businesses that want to perform sandblast engraving onsite. The dust reclaim system makes it environmentally friendly and clean to use. Abrasive is sucked into the vacuum as you blast.